Scope of Services

Assessment and coaching is conducted for Senior, Mid-level and High Potential managers and members of Infrastructure Project Teams.

Assessments can be conducted as stand-alone reviews of the competencies across the management team, or specific individual assessments to support coaching or decision-making regarding succession, reorganisations or after mergers and acquisitions.

Coaching is framed around:

  • An initial assessment as above
  • Intensive early sessions to identify the key areas of focus and to agree a Development Plan
  • Structured regular feedback and follow up sessions using a combination of face-to-face and telephone meetings, underpinned by a focused and disciplined methodology
  • Open access to the coach for discussions at any time.

The timeframe for individual and teams coaching is needs-driven, but engagements are typically conducted over a 6-month period. Senior executives often decide to extend this into a longer-term, ongoing support model to provide a sounding board.