• Peter,
    Thanks a lot for the huge effort you put in.

    I can assure you that some change is noticeable daily on their individual behaviour and overall the team spirit has increased for sure… all of them are now exactly clear on what they need to develop as individuals to become better managers and be ready for the next steps their professional lives will be offering them.

    Once again thank you – the project can only benefit from their behaviour improvement; as individuals and as a team!

    Emmanuel Clech (Bouyges)
    D&C Director ASBJV
    WestConnex 3A;M4-M5 Link tunnels

  • I worked with Peter, with a focus on gaining some self-reflection and to help step back from the everyday issues to be able to appreciate more of the big picture. Peter has a wealth of knowledge and techniques to assist senior business managers to improve themselves as well as a deep understanding of the local and international engineering fraternity. For me, the combination of well-proven tools and the ability to apply them in a very real industrial context gives added credibility to the coaching that I enjoyed over the past year. Peter has given me additional perspectives on what I do and how I relate to others.

    Paul Grabham
    GM Thiess Industrial Projects
    Thiess Construction

  • The beginning of my association with Peter was at the most critical stage of my career. I had just been appointed as a Profit Centre head of unit that was on a downward spiral very fast. At such a time, I was looking at sharing my day-to-day problems with someone who could guide me to the logical and rational solution and Peter did just that in a very simple yet effective way. While Peter always gives a patient hearing to all the problems, he is very careful not to give an immediate solution but works with you on the various options and ensures that you yourself find the right solution to the problem.
    Peter has deep insight into the various facets of people management and uses a very structured approach with pragmatic real life examples in conjunction with theory to give life to the whole learning experience.

    I had the pleasure to work with Peter on some very important people aspects like cultural sensitivity, delegation and the art of appreciation. During the whole process, I could see myself become a better manager using the delegation methods learnt ensuring at the same time that it did not bring risks to the organisation. Thanks to the efforts of Peter, I have more time on my hands for strategic business cases and am respected within my organization for being able to work in a multicultural environment.

    Gurvinder Singh Oberoi
    Local Business Unit Manager
    Regional Manager – India, Middle East and Africa
    Global Segment Manager – Infrastructure
    Low Voltage Systems
    ABB Industries LLC
    United Arab Emirates

  • I believe that a high level of trust is the most significant element required if a coaching program is going to be successful. Upon meeting Peter for the first time I realized that this was an area where I would have no concerns. The ability to feel comfortable that your thoughts and experiences will be listened to in a professional and confidential manner certainly allows for a deeper intensity of exploration. Peter’s thoughts and observations are most insightful, combining this with a structured approach that at times challenged me and explored areas outside my comfort zone; a positive program of development was established. Embracing Peter’s recommendations I am already seeing positive outcomes relating to the refinements I have undertaken, not only as to how I go about my business interactions but also those on a more personal level.

    Gary Whelan
    National Operations Manager
    Tyco Fire & Security Australia / New Zealand

  • Peter is a highly skilled practitioner, who is internationally recognized and has in his own career experienced most complex business challenges. His in-depth knowledge, ability to assess and to provide personalized solutions makes working with Peter a relief from a personal perspective and it has been highly effective for the business.

    Peter’s personable nature and methodology of engagement naturally allows for the two key areas of development that most individuals are looking for.
    Firstly as an executive business coach, Peter has shown his ability to transform individuals’ thinking by asking simple questions and pin pointing the “bang for buck” areas of development and working diligently to achieve the desired outcomes.

    Secondly as a career coach. Here he uses his extensive HR knowledge and industry experience to work through complicated scenarios and provide clear and definitive options. This has been inspirational for me and has ensured I take positive steps so that my career path is seen to be progressing constantly.
    I have been working with Peter over the last two years. He is a highly gifted coach, decidedly perceptive and intuitive, underpinned by a vast knowledge and understanding of what makes people tick. During this period Peter has helped me to become focused, determined and change oriented, instilling a confidence and determination in me that I had not had before. Peter also knows how to motivate me and has consistently been able to get me to produce results.

    Conal McCullough
    Sector Manager, Energy | Industrial & Energy Division